This Ethiopian child may be poor but what is his house worth? - The answer will blow your mind!
So today we cover things about life but our readers are more interested in the price of the homes as that makes them feel better about themselves that a home in knightsbridge is wroth alot more then a home in Ethiopian but knowing people in this country mud huts might become the next must have home that will go for millions of pounds.
Will Your Mobile Phone KILL YOU? Mrs Franks says it will find out why!!!
Mr Frcker Says popcorn will give you cancer is he correct?
people on twitter are claiming that popcorn causes cancer but this random person is trying to claim that other random people are right for some reason as it fills a page on a website.
Squirrel farts in park
breaking news a squirrel has just farted in wensum park in Norwich and locals have gone made over it.
Thetford rubber duck race goes HORRIBLY WRONG!!!
The Thetford rubber duck race went horribly wrong today when all of the rubber ducks crashed due to unexpected currents.
The best sad face of the year 2016, Even tho we do this on almost every day !!!
So today we will be selecting the best sad face we have ever published (That is a lot harder than you might think), this one will make you heart melt, Anyway we might even increase the amount of sad faces we publish per story dependent on how this one goes but we might do it anyway as we might ignore the comments.
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