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Archived Video: Casio portable TV freeview upgrade (Casio TV-1800) part 1

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Video Description:

In early 2015, I visited a few car boot sales in Norfolk. At one car-boot sale, I spotted a portable TV for sale for £1. I planned to add digital television capabilities to it using a micro-Freeview box. This video shows an early test, showing the mico-Freeview box, connected to the TVs’ aerial with foil stuffed into the output to broadcast the signal to the TV itself.

It worked decently enough in this test but soon afterwards; I shorted the TV after failing to remove the battery connector and attempting to put them back into place. No matter how I position’d the battery connectors, it would always short-out after that. That is the reason there was never a part 2.

Published: 23rd of July 2015

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