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What comes next for websites, after the effective 'death of Google'

Posted in: Matthew's Tech Posting

Google logo with fire below it.

For the past 5 years, many have noticed a decline in search results returned by Google and other search engines. The decline is real and is driven by a few factors, including.

These two points above mean that search engines have “died” as a useful way of researching new topics or finding niche websites.

What will replace Google?

I think a split will happen. Normies will completely move to social media to find new content to consume. More technically focused people will probably return to old ways of finding content.

I think that manually created website directories and Webring’s will regain popularity. I have a plan to create my own directory and there have been several new Webrings created recently. Including;


Heaven Tree (For websites created by “faithful Christians”)

Geekring (Webring for non-commercial websites)


The Yesterweb Ring

Published: 30th of January 2023

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