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Where is the individuality in modern website design?

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In the early days of the internet, websites were designed uniquely and websites tried to copy the design of others. Most of the memories I have of the internet were in the late 2000s where faster internet speed led to people being able to be more creative with their website designs (You just have to look at how Habbo Retros where designed to notice this).

So, with internet speeds getting faster and people putting more time into designing their websites, what happened next? Well, more of more people visited website on small screened phones rather than on a desktop computer. At first, webmasters just slapped on a mobile theme on their existing website to keep the Google Search algorithm happy. What did the mobification of the web lead to?

Basically, designers got really lazy with designing their websites. Think about it, if you’re a designer, would you spend between tens and hundreds of hours on a well-designed functional website or would you just spend a couple of hours in some design programme, following the latest generic trends in web design? Most designers just want to make as much money as possible and being creative takes time so, what most of do is to make a generic cookie cutter website and just tell the client that these crap designs are what their visitors want to see.

Just a final rant about this whole situation: With the designs that are possible with modern technology, why would you choose to have a website that looks like it has been together in five minutes?

Before you ask, making a website responsive does not mean that have to make it look it came from the Soviet Union. I know some people think that having a simple is cool in that dreadful in hipster way but in reality, it’s just an excuse to avoid working on high-quality content for your website.

This website (The WorldofMatthew) is easy to read, all while being fully responsive. Even better, it cost me just $12 to have this website custom designed and converted to bootstrap HTML. This is cheaper than most themes you will find in places like themeforest. Saying that, they really are no excuse to have a generic boiler plate website nowadays. Those websites will only ever impress some hipsters who look at your website on their MacBook while drinking coffee and Starbucks.

Published: 11th of November 2017

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