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Warning: PSK Hosting Illegally Using Alpharacks Customers Personal Data

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As someone who had a couple of shared hosting accounts with Alpharacks for testing proposes, I was not too upset with them going deadpool unlike a lot of the Chinese users on LowEndTalk who were likely using services in their LA location for VPNs.

As such, I thought the story would end there but today I spotted a thread on LowEndTalk in which the user posted the contents of an email they received from PSK Hosting that was offering to help out Alpharacks customers with “free months of service” and told people that they may log in with the same login they had previously used.

Looking at the email, it seemed to me that they were saying that Alpharacks could use their login details to log into this unrelated web host. So, I tried to use my Alpharacks login and it gave an error about the details not being valid, so I used the “forgot my password” link to reset the password and was surprised to see that I was now able to log in.

After logging in, I decided to look at what account information PSK Hosting had on me and I was very angry to discover that they had a bunch of my personal information, including;

A censored screenshot of the PSK Hosting account infomation screen showing the company has personal data that was never consented to.

I have never given permission for PSK Hosting to have any of my personal information which would make it illegal in a lot of countries for them to even have this information which appears to come from Alpharacks but I can’t personally find any information about PSK Hosting as they do not list any information about who runs that company on their about page and their domain whois information is hidden.

I have sent an abuse email to Namecheap requesting that they disconnect this hosting company for their illegal use of information.

Published: 15th of June 2019

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