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Pale Moon hacked due to Crybaby admin who can't secure a Windows Install

In early July, a user on the Pale Moon forums discovered that an old build of Pale Moon that was hosted on projects archive server contained a Trojan virus. The project lead of Pale Moon; M.C. Straver (MoonChild) would do an investigation into how the Trojan got on to the archive server. The investigation would find that all versions of Pale Moon that were hosted on the archive server were infected.

The Many Problems with Librivox

As someone who loves to listen to an audiobook when I am going to bed I know just how hard it can be to find audiobooks that are not insanely expensive to buy. This is where Librivox should come into the picture as due to Librivox offering completely free public it should be perfect for everyone who likes to go to sleep listening to an audiobook but for a number of reasons Librivox does not meet expectations.

How Last Minute Changes to AlphaRacks Privacy Policy Screwed Customers

The ultra-budget web host AlphaRacks recently announced their closure after around one month of downtime, which led to a bunch of people receiving emails from a PSK Hosting even though they are not clients of PSK Hosting. Unknowingly to almost all AlphaRacks customers the company would make last minute changes to its’ privacy policy in order to try to give itself legal cover in order to be able to transfer customer information to another company.

Warning: PSK Hosting Illegally Using Alpharacks Customers Personal Data

As someone who had a couple of shared hosting accounts with Alpharacks for testing proposes, I was not too upset with them going deadpool unlike a lot of the Chinese users on LowEndTalk who were likely using services in their LA location for VPNs. As such, I thought the story would end there but today I spotted a thread on LowEndTalk in which the user posted the contents of an email they received from PSK Hosting that was offering to help out Alpharacks customers with “free months of service” and told people that they may log in with the same login they had previously used.

Why the Opus Codec Is Perfect for Audiobook Lovers

When a lot of people think about audiobooks, they will often think about streaming services like audible but at £7.99 per month, a subscription to audible is relatively expensive and there has been cases where users have had audiobooks removed from their library. There are a variety of methods (both legal and illegal) of obtaining audiobooks with auction websites like eBay providing a large number of CD audio books for prices that are often cheaper than any audible package.