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Small Businesses Need to Stop Using WordPress

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As the world’s most used CMS, WordPress is very popular with business, especially small ones who don’t have the resources to pay for a web developer to custom code their website, WordPress has become a massive target for hackers.

Why do Businesses Really use WordPress?

Most shared web hosting accounts come are managed through Cpanel and as such, installing WordPress is extremely easy with Softaculous, taking care of setting up the MySQL database and file permissions.

Even tho the WordPress admin area might look confusing at first, there are some many tutorials on places like YouTube, meaning that even complete noobs can set up a functional website for their business within a couple of hours, without any coding knowledge.

What is the Problem with Small Business using WordPress

Not many people who are not computer nerds, understand the fact that WordPress is a very complex web application, with almost infinite expandability. On top of that, as small business owners will often install plug-ins for; shopping carts, contact forms and that those stupid sliders that are a major source of vulnerabilities.

This combined with business owners knowing fuck all about PHP software management, then you end up with the perfect conditions for innocent customers having their information leaked by hackers.

The Solution to Hacked Small Business Websites

For most small businesses, I would recommend a more limited hosting solution, like WIX or Squarespace, like a shop or take away will never have the time to manage complex pieces of software.

This would allow businesses to advertise their products more effectively and avoid embarrassment and potential legal issues.

Published: 16th of May 2019

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