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Why The Internet Of Things Should Never Be Mainstream

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You may have noticed the trend of putting devices like light, CCTV, fridges and even kettles on the internet. Most people call this new trend, The Internet of Things. With all of this about the internet of things, almost everyone appears to have forgotten about the issues that come with all technological ideas that are rushed out of the door in order to cash in on a fad.

The main issue I am talking about is security, as people expect large appliances to work for over ten years. This causes enormous problems as the manufacturers don’t gain any financial advantage by keeping their devices up to date and secure. This lack of incentive has already led to and OVH being hit with a near 1Tbps DDOS attack.

Of course, anyone who is not a complete noobie with computers will know that the best way of keeping your Internet contented gadgets secure is to have them behind a VPN. The only problem of suggesting keeping devices behind a VPN is that most of the public are idiots with computers (Including The Labour Party And The Conservative Party) and will probably not even understand what a VPN is anyway, let alone being able to set one up themselves.

I think that a lot of the security issues you see nowadays with home computers are caused by the dreadful IT lessons that schools teach. I mean most schools don’t even teach the basics of security and instead teach children literally every single feature of Microsoft Word (About 90% of features of MS Word are useless for most people). This could be solved if governments even cared about IT, but to be honest, most governments are led by people who were born before computers became mainstream.

The lesson of the day: Don’t jump on every technological fad, wait until the problems with that technology are ironed out first.

Published: 11th of November 2017

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