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Globalsign – Good news for SuperCo, Ltd Customers

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Here is the first draft of the blog post:

After having a chat over Skype with Joan Lockhart (GMO GlobalSign, Inc) about SuperCo, Ltd it seems that Customers of the SuperCo, Ltd scammers may not be completely out-of-pocket over the scam.

It appears from the call the deal is that:

All customers are eligible for a free certificate.  Higher cost ones (e.g., wildcard certificates) are being offered a big discount or a free certificate.

Joan has worked with the GlobalSign support team to help the end user, and we should be thankful that people like her exist.  GlobalSign wants to do the right thing for end users, and they want to make the world a better (and more secure!) place.

People who got scammed by SuperCo, Ltd should get emails from GlobalSign support with their options. If you do not receive one, please contact your local Globalsign support (check out their website:

Support ticket system:

I hope that this has helped some people and if they is any other resellers that scammed users please tell me and i will pass it on to Globalsign.

Published: 27th of March 2015

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