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EaseUS: Special Offer with Fake Countdown Timer

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EaseUS is a software company that develops a range of software, mainly focused on backups and data recovery. Even though the Trustpilot reviews for the company are positive, there are plenty of complaints on

The EaseUS Fake Sale Timer

It is very common for software vendors to offer discounts to people who are using free software. This is to convince freeloaders to buy the premium version of the software.

Most of the time these offers are transparent and offer the user a good discount on the original price. 

EaseUS is not one of the honest ones.  At the moment, users of “EaseUS Todo Backup Free” are being presented with a screen offering a 30% to 60% discount on normal prices. The page claims to be a one time offer, giving the users three hours to claim the discount.

This is false as if the seller opens a browsing session, the timer will be reset.

Is what EaseUS doing illegal?

Under the “Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008”. It is illegal to falsely state that a product will be only available for a very short amount of time.

It is also likely that where ever EaseUS is located have similar laws against this practice.

Published: 5th of September 2019

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