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Some of male victims of domestic and sexual violence fund 2011 to 2013 was given to women services

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I was doing research for a future post and came across the page “Male victims of domestic and sexual violence fund 2011 to 2013” that gives the description:

“In December 2011 the Home Office launched a fund to support male victims of domestic and sexual violence. The following organizations were successful in this fund and will receive up to £10,000 over the next 2 years to support services for male victims"

So you would think that all the money went to services for men (Even though £10,000 is fuck all money to run anything) but lets do some research to see if all of them are men’s services and we will highlight anything that is not a male service in red and Orange for services that cover both males and females:

Survivors UK (male rape and the sexual abuse of men advice service)

Women’s Support Network (organization that works with women’s centres, groups and organizations)

Arch North Staff (Domestic Abuse Support service for men, women and children)

Southampton Rape Crisis (Adult Counseling and helpline for Males and Females)

Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (sexual violence services for Males and Females but Mostly women due to association with RapeCrisis)

Blackpool Advocacy now part of Empowerment (appears to only work with Females and Males with learning disabilities)

Safer Wales (domestic Abuse helpline but service to men is far worse then offed to women)
Preston Domestic Violence Service (appers to be a helpline for Males And Females but the website is broken with 404 pages)

North Derby Women’s Aid(provides advice, support and temporary accommodation to women and their children)
GALOP (Advice service for homosexual Males and Females)
The Lesbian and Gay Foundation (national helpline, sexual health testing and support, free mental health and wellbeing services for homosexual Males and Females)
Rosa (generic feminist organization) and Safeline  
(helpline for Male and Female victims of rape and sexual assault) (Combined award)

After looking at the organizations that got funding it appers that three of them are for Women only and only one is for Males Only which is awful for a fund that is supposed to help male victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Published: 25th of October 2016

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