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Some issues I see with “hate speech laws”

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Seeing what is happening all over Europe with the political extremes rising up I was thinking why are they a lack of moderates coming out then I thought maybe the “hate speech” laws could make them too scared to speak up as they fear going to prison for laws that could ban anything the people in charge don’t like (In the UK people could get between 6 months to 2 years in prison for “malicious” or “grossly offensive” that are both up to a judge to decide what counts so all you need is one corrupt judge then anyone who disagrees with the government could go to prison).

Things are much worse in places like Germany, where people simply disagreeing with the government’s immigration policy have been arrested (Arresting people with disagreeing with your policies is not a democracy but a dictatorship).

Why is this bad?

Well, people on the political extremes are more likely to want violent solutions, as these are the same people who were disallowed from making change democratically, leading to the collapse of democracy and the rise of the Anarchists and the fascists back into power.

We need to embrace freedom of speech in order to protect the future of democracy itself.

Published: 10th of December 2016

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