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Is TelerainMD/ a Scam?

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TelerainMD is a “California based (more on that later)” company which claims to offer “24/7 Unlimited Medical Consultations” with “US board certified doctors” for just $19.95 per month (or $29.95 for the whole household).

Around two weeks ago, fob911 posted on that he received a phone call on his landline phone, offering to cover everyone in his family for “online doctors and specialists” services with no co-pays for just $29 per month.

He knew that price was too good to be true, so he gave the caller from TelerainMD fake details and asked for them to send “send all the information and the bill through the mail” (Address being that of his local police station). The TelerainMD caller than became hostile, telling the person that they did not pay for the postage required to send that information.

Massive Red Flags on

Do you know when you go on to a website and just have the feeling that it is a scam? That is the feeling that I got when looking at the website for TelerainMD, this is for a large verity of reasons including;

• All of the images presented appear to just be generic stock images, with the quality of the images being completely random, with some of them being incredibly blurry and others being awfully cut out from their backgrounds.

• The website lists no names of the leadership of TelerainMD, or even any of its’ staff, which is extremely strange as most medical services will proudly list their staff.

• Before the website was redesigned it included a section of “health tips”, some of these so-called tips are false, for example, “Avoid Electromagnetic Field Toxicity”. A real medical company would know that the whole electromagnetic toxicity thing is complete bullshit.

The Phone Scam of TelerainMD

Even though the FAQ section of their website makes it clear that TelerainMD is not an insurance company some people have reported to have had the service mis-sold as “medical insurance”. Though it is more commonly for the telemarketers working on behalf of TelerainMD to harassing spam call people over and over again with a high-pressure sales pitch, that does allegedly include illegally calling people who are registered on the “Do not call list”.

A Fake Location for an Address

For a business claiming to offer online medical consultations, you would think that TelerainMD would be located in some kind of office but the address listed on their website “19360 Rinaldi St Ste 375 Porter Ranch CA 91326” is that of a UPS store.

This is obviously a massive red flag and should make anyone extremely suspicious as you almost never see medical providers trying to hide their true location.

TelerainMD Connection to India And the Philippines

As of the writing of this article is hosted on the IP address;, which just happens to be the same IP addresses as at least three other Indian websites;

  1. – a call centre based in Delhi India (Xprez Info solutions Pvt. Ltd) and most likely the ultimate parent company.

  2. – which redirects to, an invoicing that is also hosted on the same IP address. This company appears to be a generic Indian IT company and web host who claims to have a location in the US (3740 E. Larson Lane Gilbert) which in reality, just appears to be a house.

  3. – A website that claims to offer cloud services for law firms in India.

  4. – Appears to be the parent company of TelerainMD.

The Telerain Inc Connection

In very recent changes to their website, TelerainMD changed their sign up page to redirect straight to their payment Cardconnect ( which would indicate that TelerainMD is owned by Telerain LLC of California.

Is TelerainMD a Scam?

Even though I have not seen anyone claiming to have bought the service and then not receiving their “telehealth” service it is extremely likely that TelerainMD is a scam, due to the many warning signs associated with the service.

Published: 16th of June 2019

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