Is TelerainMD/ a Scam?

TelerainMD is a “California based (more on that later)” company which claims to offer “24/7 Unlimited Medical Consultations” with “US board certified doctors” for just $19.95 per month (or $29.95 for the whole household). Around two weeks ago, fob911 posted on that he received a phone call on his landline phone, offering to cover everyone in his family for “online doctors and specialists” services with no co-pays for just $29 per month.

DDOS Attacker: Henry Shepherd/LI Brakework/libw.h_blocks

Henry Shepherd is an American amateur BMX’er who shares videos of his BMX antics on both his YouTube channel (LI Brakework) and Instagram profile (libw.h_blocks), including videos of “rideouts” were he takes part in an event with a group of people who thinks it is a good idea to ride their bikes on the wrong side, ride on footpaths/sidewalks and just be annoying to both pedestrians and car drivers.