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MikeyFnBrennan: Fortnite Livestream V-Bucks Giveaway Scam

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MikeyFnBrennan is a Fortnite YouTuber with nearly three-hundred thousand subscribers. Even though he is one of the scumbags who uses clickbaity thumbnails, he is lucky to even get a few thousand views per video.

The Scam Livestream

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A few days ago, MikeyFnBrennan “live-streamed” his old Fortnite clips, which he did so under the premise of a V-Bucks giveaway. According to the description; codes for V-bucks will be shown every twelve to fifteen minutes.

Your average person would think those codes would be unique. The problem is that the “Livestream” is just one big scam and that the codes are reused. I saw one code being shown on screen four times, during the two hours I was recording.

Does this break YouTubes’ Terms of Service?

Not only could the repeated codes be seen of the so-called giveaway be many people as a scam. This would normally put a YouTube account at risk of termination on its own.

This is not even going into his tactics of using “MB coins” to get people to click like a random video of his, thus giving the video false engagement.

How MikeyFnBrennan is using “MB coins” to gain false engagement

On top of the V-bucks giveaway, MikeyFnBrennan has his reward system for users who either are active in the chat or donate to him. He even gives out “MB coins” for following his accounts on Twitter and Instagram. This might explain why engagement to followers ratio on Twitter is so awful.

Getting back to the of YouTube. The falsified engagement from the reward scheme tricks YouTubes systems into thinking the videos are better than they actually are.

The LiveChat shadowban

After seeing the scam, I tried to tell the mostly children who watch this type of shit that the Livestream was a scam. The problem is that whenever I try to use the word “scam” the comment would be hidden from other users.

Published: 14th of September 2019

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