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InnoHosting: Fraudulent Bait-and-Switch WebHosting

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InnoHosting is an “American” web hosting company who claim to offer the “the most reliable and affordable #WebHosting”. Though $4.25 per month for 1GB of webspace is not exactly what you would call affordable when you can get that much space for $8/year or less but the 24x7 support might add like $1/month on to the costs for the WebHost.

The InnoHosting Webhosting Location Bait-and-Switch

Screenshot of the order summery of a InnoHosting UK shared hosting package.

On the 24th October 2019, GazCBG posted a thread on the popular web hosting niche forum; LowEndTalk. In the thread, GazCBG described how he ordered a reseller hosting account from InnoHosting. He stated that he specifically paid extra for the UK location which he confirmed with Livechat was located at one of RapidSwitch UK datacentres'.

The problem is that he found that the reseller account was not being hosted within the UK. In fact, the server was located in Spain. This can be proven by the fact that GazCBG reseller package was hosting within the IP block, that is registered to an address in Barcelona.

InnoHosting Tries to defend the fraud

After seeing the claims, I decided to contact InnoHosting over their live chat about this issue and was told that they were in the process of migrating their servers out of the UK and that the website would be updated once the migration was completed.

I was then told to email the Sales team to get a comment on the claims I made against them for fraudulently mis-selling their “UK hosting”. Even though it has as of writing this article, been nearly a week since the email was sent, Innohosting has not responded to the allegations.

Innohosting Updates Their Website to Reflect the Location Change

Screenshot of the Inno1000 package, showing the changes before and after migration.

Even though a few days ago, the Innohosting website was updated to reflect the change in location that does not excuse that the company sold fraudulently misrepresented their Webhosting packages as being available with a UK location for a period of time.

On top of this, The fact that Innohosting never posted anything on social media about this migration and that they never replied to my email inquiring about this being potentially fraudulent, should make you suspicious of how Innohosting conducts business.

Should You Purchase Webhosting From Innohosting?

You should only ever choose Innohosting if you want your website to be moved to another country at random or love a company who thinks openness is a dirty word. Basically, I would never recommend anyone do business with Innohosting.

Published: 4th of November 2019

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