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If you have enjoyed reading the content available on this website, you might want to know how you can keep up-to-date with new content being posted here.

Many other websites will tell you to subscribe to their social media accounts, which while might be convenient. The problem is those can decide to not show you the latest post or even censor any content they dislike.

Some websites will try to get to follow them on alternative platforms, like Mastodon or Gab. Ultimately, the best solution however for both the website and its visitors is to avoid using third-party platforms.

What is RSS?

RSS is a web feed that is generated by the back-end software of a website and includes information, such as the article title, article text (often, just a preview) and a link to the article itself.

We can add the resulting output file into something known as a “reader“ that will pull-down the feed and show any updates in their user interface.

How to subscribe to WorldofMatthew posts by RSS

Before you can subscribe to, you will need a RSS reader, these can both be hosted locally or in the “cloud“. The simplist RSS readers are extensions for web browsers, such as RSS Feed Reader (Chrome) or Feedbro (Firefox).

Now you have a RSS reader installed, you will need the URLs to add to your reader. As has a wide range of different content, each section of the website has its own RSS feed to allow visitors to only subscribe to the content they like.


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