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Pot Shot! Review (Shameless Pot Noodle Rip Off)

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Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction.

Today’s review is Pot Shot! by Symington’s and yes the packaging looks like the older pot noodle packaging, and as such we will be seeing if it is as good as a pot noodle


Pot Shot! uses the awful cheap thin plastic pot with an even worse plastic lid that makes it harder to reseal while it is cooking the noodles as you have to weigh the lid down unlike pot noodle and they is no way I am trusting that pot in a microwave as I am scared it will melt due to it’s thin crapness.

And it being too thin to microwave means that I won’t be able to get the noodles how I like them.

First Impressions And Cooking:

So after opening the thin plastic lid i was greeted with the smell that was right for a cheap knockoff (A cross between generic Polish noodles you get in Tesco and real Pot Noodles.

The soy sauce that came with it was in a white generic sachet with no branding at all, But at least the noodles look like the real thing.

For cooking I put boiling water up to fill line and waited for 10 minutes just like the real pot noodle (Did not microwave at the end due to the thinness of pot plastic).

Taste Test:

When it was cooked my hopes raised as it looked like a real pot noodle then it all went wrong when I tried the noodles,

The texture was like eating rubber and the taste was of like one of those supermarket noodles but with 90% less flavour and what little flavour they was did not make it into the noodles themselves meaning that the noodles where almost completely inedible and made me feel sickly for the half of pot I ate until I threw this disgusting thing in the bin.


Pot Shot! is a lazy attempt at ripping of Pot noodle I have ever seen in-fact it makes the value noodles taste like the finest food in the world to the point where Pot Shot! has to be the worst thing I have ever tried by being on the line of what is even edible at all.

Published: 21st of October 2016

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