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Heat Em Up Southern Fried Chicken And Chips Review

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Heat Em Up is a range of extremely cheap microwavable snacks manufactured by Summit Foods LTD. Today we will be reviewing the microwavable Heat Em Up fried chicken and chips.


First impressions and cooking

The chicken burger comes in your pretty generic cardboard tray, just like the supermarket own brand ones do. This means less washing up as you don’t have to use a plate.

On to the cooking part; The chicken burger has some of the most awkward microwaving instructions ever, in fact during the cooking process you have to take the meal out of the microwave three time (caused by having to turn over and assemble the burger it self half way though cooking).

Impressions after cooking:

The chicken burger is so small that it fails to fill the whole of the already tiny bun it comes in. In fact the burger looks almost exactly the same as those burgers that you can get two of for a pound which is not impressive at all.

But the burger being so small is not the worst part as even tho I cooked the product exactly to instructions (in fact the microwave is 900w rather the 800w ones that the instructions refer to), the chips did not feel soft to the touch.

Taste test:

Where do I even start;

The bun is a combination of chewy and crispy, to the point where I had to also take a mouth full of tea in order to just swallow the burger as it would get stuck at the back of my throat.

The flavor of the burger itself was also so mild that even the mayonnaise on top had more flavor to it, in fact I could only taste the southern fried coating as some sort of after taste and the chicken had no flavor to it at all.

But the worst part of all of this is the chips, they came out of the microwave under cooked even tho the microwave I used was rated 100 watts more then the instructions indicated (900w vs 800w). This was extremely disappointing and makes it seam like the chips might of been a after thought to make the product more attractive.


The Heat Em Up southern fried chicken and chips are a vary cheap snack that may be enjoyable by some people but to be honest the quality of the burger itself was terrible and the chips where barely edible at all. They comes a point where to retail a product at £1 you have to completely ruin it.

Well at least it was not as bad as those pot shot noodles that I could not eat more than a mouth full before throwing it away.

Avoid at all costs.

Published: 11th of August 2017

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