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Big Snack Chicken Burrito Wrap Review, Might Be The Worst Burrito Ever

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Today I was shopping at my local Iceland and while looking at their frozen snack section and decided to buy the Big Snack chicken burrito wrap as I thought that people might enjoy reading a review about it.

The first thing I noticed after opening the box was just how large the burrito was, after that I check the instructions and found it interesting that the burrito came with a reflective sleeve that is designed to make the burrito crispy when microwaving.

At this point I had some pretty high hopes for this product as it appeared to have had a lot of thought put into it unlike most other foods you find in cheap supermarkets, but that hope for the burrito to be any going started to vanish very quickly as after taking it out of the microwave it had almost no smell to it at all. So, then I decided to take a bite out of the burrito and regretted it straight away as not only did not filling not go all the way to the edges of the burrito, but also the crisping sleeve had made the tortilla go extremely chewy.

Anyway, once I got past some of the awfully chewy tortilla I noticed that the filling was nowhere as thick as was shown on the packaging and even worse had almost no flavour to it whatsoever.

The burrito had only about two small pieces of chicken which really is a piss take when the product claims to be a “chicken burrito”. You could get almost exactly the same product by buying some cheap tortilla wraps and Mexican flavoured rice.

Conclusion: The Big Snack chicken burrito wrap has to be one of the blandest food product that I have ever tasted and even worse it cost £1.50, this is shocking considering the fact that Iceland sells microwaveable ready meals for £1 that have ten times the flavour of this product. Just avoid this product at all costs.

Published: 12th of August 2017

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