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Aurora master Wave Review

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Notice: This article was archived from a previous project and has only gone through basic spelling and grammar correction.

Aurora master Wave. bowl shaped device on top computer case.

Aurora master is a light that generates waving patterns by projecting 14 LED’s though a wavy top to give the effect of waves. The lights are not overpowering, but the device only lasts 1 hours before auto shutdown that you can not stop from happening, which is annoying to say the least.

The device itself(Sorry for the noise but poor lighting caused that):

The device is large to say the least and in fact it could be slimed down by over 50% and still give the same effect, Another issue is that you need to use an usb based power adapter and using a 1Amp 5V DC adapter it does not work at all so you need a mains to usb converter for this to work even tho it uses a 5.5MM connector.The buttons on the front feel really cheap and it lets the device down as it makes you think very little of the money spent is being used on the device.

The simple design means that even people who have a severe learning disabilities should also find the device manageable to use, and it uses a cycle button press for all the modes, meaning the modes can be activated the same way.The button to the left and right is for volume as the light has an inbuilt speaker (Have not tested that as I Can not find the lead).

The Effect (Less noise even tho worse lighting):

multi-coloured wave pattern. projected onto a ceiling.

the Aurora master as you can see generates a good level of light, The light move backgrounds and forwards making a very calming environment.

I find it extremely relaxing but that 1 hour turn off is the worst and I have still not found a way to remove that.It has other colour modes that allow it to just show 1 color at a time but i find those modes are not as relaxing as mixed setting.


This device is awesome, but the shut off timer makes it bad for places like sensory rooms.The price is not horrible, unlike most sensory devices (Maybe because they did not use autism in the name).This device could work as a good sleep device.

Because of its low operating voltage, that could be good from Asperger’s syndrome all the way to severe kanner’s autism.




Relaxation: 5/5

Ease of use: 4/5

Features: 3/5

Price: 4/5

Final rating: 4/5 (Vary Good).

Published: 30th of July 2015

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