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Remainers Attempts To Undermine The Will Of The People #Brexit

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Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction.

On the 23rd of June 2016 the United Kingdom voted 51.9% in favour of leaving the European Union so you would’ve thought that the remain would’ve accepted the result and not have tried at every opportunity to overturn the will of the people but in reality they have not accepted the will of the people and in this post we will go over all the ways Remainers have tried to overturn the result of the referendum.

Part One: Attempts For A Second Referendum:

After the results came in as victory for leave, Remainers flocked to petitions to promising to hold another referendum with some of them trying to change the rules:

EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum(calling for another referendum but needing 75% turnout and needing 60% of the vote) (Started 25 May 2016)

Plea For Second Referendum For Younger Voters (calling for another referendum but wanting 16-17-year-old to also vote) (Started 4 months ago)

Open a re-vote for the UK/EU referendum (calling for another referendum but appears to want an unknown percentage difference) (Started 4 months ago)

My hypothesis: I think that the reason Remainers want a second referendum is to tire voters out in hope they can get people who did not vote before out, aka the younger people..

Part Two Trying To Ignore The Result altogether:

Theresa May has rejected the idea of a Second Referendum three time (11th July 2016,20th October 2016 and 20th October 2016) but even worse than the people asking for a second referendum are the people saying to just ignore the results which is completely undemocratic.

The following petitions where from Remainers trying to stop Brexit via ignoring the result:

Stop Article 50 from being invoked. Last and ONLY option to stop Brexit (Trying to disregard the result by stopping Article 50 from being triggered)

STOP BREXIT – get MP’s to vote it down and KEEP UK IN EUROPE (Trying to get MP’s to go against the will of the people)

Reject the EU referendum result as it is advisory and not in Britain’s interests (Telling the government to reject brexit)

Response To Common Reasons Giving To Ignore The Result:

Advisory Referendums: Some people say that it was an advisory referendum but did you know that the 1975 referendum was also advisory (Citation) meaning that under the logic that advisory referendums should not cause any changes would mean the United Kingdom would’ve left the EEC in 1975 (Same logic as people use for ignoring the 1975 one).

Broken Promises and lying:  Politicians lie all the time but people don’t reject an election based on that, this include Labour and The Conservatives.

The majority did not vote leave: A lot of Remainers claim that leave did not win because the turnout was 72% (Claiming that leave got 37%) but with that logic you would not have the government you have now (36.9% of votes on a 66.1% turnout = 24.4% of electorate), In the United Kingdom people who don’t vote don’t count as no one can tell who you will vote for unless you go down to the polling station and vote.

But But Leave Are MUH RACISTS: Strange you call leave racist but ignore it when racism comes from Remain supporting labour MP Diane Abbott (Citation).

Final Hypothesis:

The people who want to stop Brexit only appears to like democracy when it goes the way they want it to go and this make them undemocratic as when a vote goes against you, you campaign for another chance after the democratic decision has been implemented (Took leavers 41 years to get another referendum) and then you make your points once more but you don’t stop democratic decisions from being implemented.

Update: Corrected grammar

Published: 3rd of November 2016

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