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Parents, Stop Being Lazy And Start Being Parents

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A few days ago, I was walking to Iceland (The British supermarket) and noticed a parent was talking on her mobile phone while walking with her young child (holding hands), you would think that she would have been concentrating on the child but when he tripped over a kerb it took her around 5 seconds to notice he fall over and help him back up. That delay made it obvious that she was not concentrating on her child at all and was more interested in that phone call.

But this type of poor parenting is not limited to this mother. In recent years, parents have become really lazy at caring for their kids. So, here are some common examples of laziness from parents:

  1. Cooking unhealthy food. With the current epidemic of childhood obesity, its obvious that parents are not cooking healthily for their children. Basically, what I am saying is that as a parent you should not come home cook your kid’s unhealthy meals like burger and chips every night and should cook meals from sketch, and before you complain you don’t have the time maybe you should watch less Eastenders.

  2. Leaving your kid with an iPad. Come on parents, why do you spend time to watch soaps that could be better spent with your children? I know the reason is likely that you feel tired after working all but it was your choice to have a child and it is your reasonability to raise them properly.

  3. Not encouraging exercise. This point is heavily connected to the last one, but encouraging exercise will heavily reduce the chance of your child becoming overweight.

  4. Not monitoring what your kids are doing on the internet. As a parent, you need to know what your kids are doing on the internet as kids are not varied sensible about what they share on the internet. If you have a young child (under 5 years old) maybe it is not a good idea to give them internet-connected gadgets they can use without supervision.

TL: DR, Parents nowadays should copy what parents did about 30 to 40 years ago.

Published: 11th of November 2017

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