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We all have minor projects we like to work on in our free-time. Personally, I like to experiment with both abusing old technologies to perform tasks they should not be able to do. I also like to create random webpages which would not be in normal fitting with the website.

Basically, this section is for those projects that don’t fit anywhere on also on

Random Web-pages:

Daily Frail - The Daily Mail is a website known for publishing articles with clickbait titles to draw in visitors from social media. The Daily Frail is a parody of the Daily Mails’ website, which makes fun of the website of the both the clickbait and at the time, the Daily Mails’ publishing of articles of obscure topics that interested no-one.

History of Norfolk - is a website created by me to cover the history of the country of Norfolk. A rural English County, that I had been born in and that as it’s the oldest country in England, the county has an interesting history. The problem is that history is unknown to most people, and that is what I am aiming to change. Note: is still in heavy development, many pages are not in their last form

Failed Projects:

Freeview on a handhold TV (Coming Soon)

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