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Ultra Cheap VPS hosts for Tor Bridges

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As of the 5th July 2020, there are 1357 Tor bridges available for users in countries who censor the Tor network to use. Having just over 1,000 IP addresses is not a lot for such a big privacy network as Tor is, especially considering that the number of Tor Bridges peaked at 4,227 on the 4th January 2015. That means since then the network has lost more than two-thirds of its bridges.

The lack of bridges only makes it harder for people in oppressive countries to take advantage of both the anti-censorship and anonymizing power of the Tor network. In light of this, many people including the Tor project themselves have been trying to convince more people to become bridge operators.

This article will go over some ultra-cheap VPS hosts that will allow anyone to become a bridge operators without having to spend a sizeable amount of money;

VPS Hosting below $1 per month (including yearly deals)

Provider: Price per month: More information:
Oracle Cloud Free Oracle may rarely be associated with the word "free", but their cloud service provides 2 VM with 1GB of RAM and 1/8 core each. (Bandwidth: 10TB outgoing, shared between the 2 VMs).Just make sure to allow traffic on all ports (incoming and outgoing in the firewall and to uninstall iptables).
FDC Servers $0.99 ($1.98 for Asia locations) FDC Servers are a budget server host who are single homed to Cogent (AS174). The "Budget VPS" packages comes with; 256MB RAM and 1 shared CPU core (5Mbits Unmetered).

VPS Hosting below $2 per month (including yearly deals)

Provider: Price per month: More information:
Alexhost €0.99 (Paid Yearly) Alexhost has a cheap yearly VPS deal with 100Mbps unmetered bandwidth. They are based out of Moldova. 1.5GB RAM and 1 shared CPU core.
MaxKVM $1.25 (Paid Yearly) A VPS from a small web host in America. 500GB monthly bandwidth, 512MB RAM, 1 shared CPU core.
PowerfulBox £1.33 (Paid Yearly) A VPS offering services from OVH in London. 2TB monthly bandwidth, 512MB RAM and 1 shared CPU core.
zomro $1.99 A VPS provider based out of Netherlands who offer multiple VPS packages with unmetered bandwidth (50Mbits in this offer). 512MB RAM and 1 shared CPU core.

I hope this list has helped you to find the correct VPS for your Tor bridge, any mistakes you have spotted or if you have found a host not listed here, please email:

Published: 7th of July 2020

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