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The Autism Supremacy Idea is misguided and Dangerous

Published: 2nd of March 2020


When the quest for acceptance goes too far.

On the Internet, there are a small group of people who post content on Autism-related message boards that promotes the idea that people who are diagnosed with one of the Autism Spectrum conditions are superior to “neurotypicals”.

This is obviously laughable as no matter what specific condition within the Autism Spectrum someone is diagnosed with, they by definition have a disability. Though, the people posting pro-Autism Supremacy content on forums like Wrongplanet are mostly on the very high functioning end of the spectrum.

And this where I get into my main point of this article and that is that these Autism supremacists do nothing to help support the cause of getting more understanding and acceptance of people on the Autism Spectrum.

In fact, all that Autism Supremacy will do is to make “normal” people see Autistic people as being nasty and entitled.

Selflessness towards lower functioning people with Autism

The Autism spectrum affects every person on it in different ways. From the mildest cases of Asperger Syndrome that mainly affect social functioning, to the most severe cases of Autistic Disorder that makes someone unable to do basic tasks for themselves'.

Higher functioning communities like and Reddits’ /r/aspergers often forget that Autism affects many people in a big way, which leads to heavy support for both Autism Supremacy and “Autistic Pride” within those communities.

This is blantally selfish as it denies the suffering that lower functioning people go though because of their disability.

Potential for Autism extremism

Some people have suggested that some symptoms associated with the Autism Spectrum can make someone affected by the condition vulnerable to getting dragged into the world of violent extremism.

Bowing down to supremacy will only lead more people on the Autism Spectrum towards extremism or even terrorism if people take some of what is said on these forums too serious and start seeing “neurotypicals” as hateful people who could be seen as justified for violence towards.

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