2015 Matthew Christopher Morgan
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UK and internet censorship (15th March 2015)
The internet has become a place ware people express themselves freely but the government has shown steps to try to take control of the internet.

First it started with allowing music and movie companies to block websites as they wish deciding that websites and users of guilty without any court hearing from both sides what so every undermining the court system and allowing private companies to act as a judge.

The other big issues are that they have been political websites getting blocked that are perfectly legal under extremism and they get unblocked when people complain but this is the biggest proof that the government want to turn the people in this country to be too scared to go against the powers that have been proven to be corrupted (see what the MP have been caught doing).

Also even bit-torrent trackers are getting blocked aka alot of perfectly legal torrents stopped working in late 2014.

Due to how they can block even sites like Wikipedia could be blocked (Knowing the BPI they will try).

The main point is that we need to stand up and use our powers granted by the Human Rights Act 1998 Article 9  (Freedom of thought, conscience and religion) to stop internet censorship.

I am planning to blog at least once per week and already have another 5 ideas to write about including how the government ideas could lead to you being hacked.

By Matthew Morgan