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The Boring Summit of Mount Chiliad

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Franklin on the main trail leading up to the summit of Mount Chiliad

Mount Chiliad is the tallest mounting in GTA 5. This has brought the area of the map it occupies a lot of attention. With many people (aka kids) playing this game, it should not surprise anyone that Mount Chiliad is almost seen as a mysterious place.

The Disappointment of Mount Chiliad

Getting up Mount Chiliad is a chore. It takes between five to ten minutes to get up the windy routes that are made more annoying by GTA 5s’ physics engine that suffers from annoying angle related cut off points to where a vehicle can and can’t go. After that annoyance of getting to the summit, you would some fantastic reward for your efforts. In reality, there are only a few things to do at that location; • Looking at Blaine County through a pay per use telescope • Travelling on the aerial tramway • Driving vehicles off the wooden ramp • Collecting a parachute and jumping off the cable car boarding platform

I know some people will point out that GTA: Online does some interesting things with Mount Chiliad or that if you reach 100%, you can a UFO at 3 am when the weather is stormy. But GTA: Online is not considered to be the same game as GTA: 5 and the UFO stuff happens at multiple places around the map.

How Could the Mount Chiliad Summit be Improved?

Well with Mount Chiliad being the highest point in GTA 5. You would want its’ summit to be a place that players would find interesting. I think that one of making the area more interesting would be placing a large museum/gift shop on the summit. This would allow the developers to give the players a history of the Mount Chiliad or even allow rockstar to hide some secrete tunnels for the player to find.

Published: 24th of September 2019

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