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In this section of the website, you will find download links to free resources provided by me, which could include; Audiobooks, photos, screensavers, for example. These downloads are free with no advertisement pages or any of that spyware nastiness.

Free Audiobooks

Provided below are several links to free audiobooks from Public Domain sources, like which have been re-mastered by me. The re-mastering vastly improves the almost unlistenable audio quality that you get from many LibriVox recording, though a possess of noise-reduction, de-essing, Equalization and removal of advertisements between chapters.

Note for efficiency reasons (allowing lower bit-rates), I have encoded all the audiobooks offered in the section in the Opus audio codec. I would highly recommend using a dedicated audiobook playing app capable of playing this codec, for Android “Voice Audiobook Player (F-Droid)“ is free and very well established.

Free Non-Fiction Audiobooks

Cover: Audiobook Name: Discription: Download Links:
Cottage Economy (1821/1822) Cottage Economy is a non-fiction book written in 1822 by William
Cobbett. The book gives general tips and advice for being a rural
32Kbps (Opus)
Child-life in Art (1894) Child-life in Art is a non-fiction children’s book written in 1895 by
Estelle May Hurll. The book is best described by its preface;

“The poetry of childhood is full of attractiveness to the artist, and
many and varied are the forms in which he interprets it. The
Christ-child has been his highest ideal. All that human imagination
could conceive of innocence and purity and divine loveliness has been
shown forth in the delineation of the Babe of Bethlehem. The influence
of such art has made itself felt upon all child pictures. It matters not
whether the subject be a prince or a street-waif; the true artist sees
in him something which is lovable and winning and transfers it to his
canvas for our lasting pleasure. "
32Kbps (Opus)
Unknown London (1919) Unknown London is a non-fiction book, written by Walter George Bell,
published in 1920. The book serves to teach people about the hidden
location around the City of London that could be visited for free
(remember this book is from 1920, so this information will be outdated).
32Kbps (Opus)
The Dancing Mania (1832) The Dancing Mania was a non-fiction story, released as part of a
two-in-one combined book (the other story being about the black death)
in 1888. The book goes over the numerous theories of what caused the
dancing manias that plagued parts of Europe between the 14th and 17th

Note: As this book was published over 100 years, the scientific accuracy may not be as good as modern books.
32Kbps (Opus)
The Story of Napoleon (1906) The Story of Napoleon is a Children’s non-fiction book, written by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall in 1906.
The books goes over Napoleon’s rise to power and his ultimate downfall.
32Kbps (Opus)

Free Fictional Audiobooks

Cover: Audiobook Name: Discription: Download Links:
Stories of the First American Animals (1922) Stories of the First American Animals is a children’s fiction published
in 1923. The book combines beast fables with natural history to tell an
engaging account of the prehistoric mammals that used to roam North
32Kbps (Opus)
The Adventures of Maya the Bee (1912) The Adventures of Maya the Bee is a children’s fiction book from 1912
about a bee named Maya who lives in a colony of bees. Throughout the
book, Maya changes from an adventurous youngster to a fully grown and
responsible adult of society.
12Kbps (Opus)

24Kbps (Opus)
The Stolen White Elephant (1882) The Stolen White Elephant is a short story, written by Mark Twain and
published in 1882. The story follows the mystery of a white elephant
that was gifted to the Queen but goes missing on its journey from Siam
to the UK.
32Kbps (Opus)
The Young Railroaders (1910) The Young Railroaders is a fictional children’s books which follows
three teenagers who somehow manage to get themselves into “harrowing
circumstances” and have to use their set of skills to “effect rescues,
thwart thieves, and solve mysteries”.
12Kbps (Opus)

24Kbps (Opus)
White Tail the Deer’s Adventures (1922) White Tail the deer’s adventures is a fictional book
written by George Ethelbert Walsh and published in 1922.

The story is about a dear called White Tail who goes on adventures
with his rival. He has to be wary of and stay away from certain
predators if he wants to follow in his fathers “hoofsteps”.
32Kbps (Opus)
What Katy Did at School (1873) What Katy Did at School was a novel published in 1872. It was the
second book out of three-parter, written by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey.

The book is about “Katy Carr” time in a boarding school with her sister Clover Carr.
12Kbps (Opus)

24Kbps (Opus)

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