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Matthew's Investigations

The Scams section covers the many scams that are present in both retail and internet business. The difference between the articles written by me and the mainstream media is that I don’t treat retail businesses with “kids gloves “, unlike many media outlets who hate on the internet because it is hurting their sales.

04 Nov 2019

InnoHosting: Fraudulent Bait-and-Switch WebHosting

InnoHosting is an “American” web hosting company who claim to offer the “the most reliable and afforda...
16 Oct 2019

The Fake 1080P Action Camera Being Sold by Argos

Argos is one of the most well-known retailers in the UK. With the company having over eight-hundred stores across th...
14 Sep 2019

MikeyFnBrennan: Fortnite Livestream V-Bucks Giveaway Scam

MikeyFnBrennan is a Fortnite YouTuber with nearly three-hundred thousand subscribers. Even though he is one of the scumb...
27 Aug 2019

Acuta Technologies: Tech Support Scammers who Pretend to be Visa

Popular scambaiting YouTuber Jim Browning recently posted a new scambaiting video on his channel. The video exposes Acuta Technologies as being tech support who scam people by pretending to be many different companies.
16 Jun 2019

Is TelerainMD/telerainmd.com a Scam?

TelerainMD is a “California based (more on that later)” company which claims to offer “24/7 Unlimited Medical Consultati...


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