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18 Jan 2016

Archived Video: CB Setup Question

Video Description: In early 2016 (When using the CB Radio was a hobby of mine), I was suffering from major RF noise of ...
16 Nov 2015

Archived Video: CB inconsistent noise floor

Video Description: This short video from 2015, has me showing the viewer about the inconsistent RF noise levels I was e...
15 Nov 2015

Archived Video: +30 CB FM noise floor

Video Description: Filmed when I used the CB radio as a hobby. This short shows me receiving a signal noise level of 30...
03 Nov 2015

Archived Video: Greece Skip on CB Radio

Video Description: This video shows me hearing someone from Greece on the CB Radio though “Skip”. Aka signa...
24 Oct 2015

Archived Video: CB Set-Up Upgrade Planning

Video Description: In this video from October 2015, I show the viewer my plans at the time of upgrading my CB radio set...
23 Oct 2015

Archived Video: CB Radio Noise Floor 27.385Mhz LSB

Video Description: Originally uploaded in October 2015, this video shows how the RF noise floor ends up blocking weaker...
08 Sep 2015

Archived Video: CB Radio AM Signal Received on a FM radio

Video Description: This video from September 2015, shows an Amstrad CB 901 (FM only CB radio) receiving and demodulatin...
12 Aug 2015

Archived Video: Minecraft Server (WIP)

Video Description: I had purchased the domain “” many a year back, hoping to make a website relate...
23 Jul 2015

Archived Video: Casio portable TV freeview upgrade (Casio TV-1800) part 1

Video Description: In early 2015, I visited a few car boot sales in Norfolk. At one car-boot sale, I spotted a portable...
31 Dec 2012

Archived Video: Let's Play Sim City 4 Episode 1: Very Good Start

Video Description: This video was archived from the end of 2012. I was thinking at the time of starting a couple of let...

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