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03 Jan 2022

Installing shadowsocks on a NAT VPS

Shadowsocks is a piece of software that allows anyone with a VPS to create an obfuscated proxy server. It is very popular in China, where the “Great Firewall” not only blocks any website’s that Winnie the Pooh, I mean Xi Jinping dislikes, but also blocks all common VPN protocols that are used to bypass that internet censorship.
20 May 2020

Create Your Own Darknet Website in Just 5 Minutes

Creating your own hidden website should not be hard but most online tutorials are giving out false information that is incorrect. This tutorial covers a automatic Bash script which will allow you to easily make a .onion hidden website
28 Jun 2019

How to Add an Anycast IP to Your BuyVM Slice

As many people will probably know BuyVM has this awesome feature where if you buy a VPS in all three of their location (...
28 May 2019

How to Solve “Microphone Audio” Only Coming out Left Channel in Cakewalk by BandLab?

If you have ever tried to record audio from your microphone than you will have at least at some point experienced the an...
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