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Matthew's Tech Posting

Matthew’s Tech Posting

Technology. Something that affects all of our lives’ but is also something that many people mis-understand. The media (including the BBC) makes this ignorance of technology worse, as instead of educating people on the underlining details of the tech people use, they publish over-exaggerated falsehoods. Most of the surrounding the internet being “toxic“ without looking at themselves in the mirror.

The content in The Technology Zone looks at tech and the internet from the perceptive of someone who has experienced the real internet rather than just Normie-net. Basically, articles in this section mainly focus on more niche topics, from random drama to articles about privacy.

20 Aug 2019

Pale Moon hacked due to Crybaby admin who can't secure a Windows Install

In early July, a user on the Pale Moon forums discovered that an old build of Pale Moon that was hosted on projects archive server contained a Trojan virus.
11 Jul 2019

The Many Problems with Librivox

As someone who loves to listen to an audiobook when I am going to bed I know just how hard it can be to find audiobooks ...
16 Jun 2019

How Last Minute Changes to AlphaRacks Privacy Policy Screwed Customers

The ultra-budget web host AlphaRacks recently announced their closure after around one month of downtime, which led to a...
15 Jun 2019

Warning: PSK Hosting Illegally Using Alpharacks Customers Personal Data

As someone who had a couple of shared hosting accounts with Alpharacks for testing proposes, I was not too upset with th...
05 Jun 2019

Why the Opus Codec Is Perfect for Audiobook Lovers

When a lot of people think about audiobooks, they will often think about streaming services like audible but at £7.99 p...
03 Jun 2019

Cloudatcost and Their Bait-and-Switch Scam “Lifetime” VPS

When Cloudatcost launched, they where attempting to shake up the web hosting market by offering VPS servers that users ...
24 May 2019

Why are there so many Ponzi schemes in cryptocurrencies?

If you have been watching some of the more popular YouTube crypto channels, than you might have noticed that they often...
16 May 2019

The Inefficient Websites, That Make up the Internet

When I first got online in the year 2000, most people were still accessing the internet through a dial-up connection, th...
16 May 2019

Small Businesses Need to Stop Using WordPress

As the world’s most used CMS, WordPress is very popular with business, especially small ones who don’t have ...
12 May 2019

The Tor Network Urgently Needs More Relay Diversity

We all know that the TOR network is always in need for more nodes, for the ever-increasing amount of users connecting...
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