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Matthew's Tech Posting

Matthew’s Tech Posting

Technology. Something that affects all of our lives’ but is also something that many people mis-understand. The media (including the BBC) makes this ignorance of technology worse, as instead of educating people on the underlining details of the tech people use, they publish over-exaggerated falsehoods. Most of the surrounding the internet being “toxic“ without looking at themselves in the mirror.

The content in The Technology Zone looks at tech and the internet from the perceptive of someone who has experienced the real internet rather than just Normie-net. Basically, articles in this section mainly focus on more niche topics, from random drama to articles about privacy.

09 Feb 2023

The Anti-competitive Practices of Google Bard

A few day ago, Google announced their alternative to ChatGPT; Bard. Instead of Google returning links to pages (at the top), it will display an AI generated answer. Occupied by Link cards as a 'Learn more' section.
31 Jan 2023

Using platforms encourages internet censorship

Since politicians figured out how disruptive the internet in politics and how people outside of established power structures (outside government and media circles) can swing public opinion. There have been increasing attempts by governments worldwide to regulate (read as censor) it.
30 Jan 2023

What comes next for websites, after the effective 'death of Google'

For the past 5 years, many have noticed a decline in search results returned by Google and other search engines (example). The decline is real and is driven by a few factors, including
29 Jan 2023

Use socks5h, not socks5 when using newsboat with Tor

Many people in the privacy community who use newsboat as their RSS will use Tor's inbuilt Socks5 proxy.
04 Oct 2022

​The Deception of “Buying” Digital Movies

Most people know internet movie streaming as something where you pay a monthly fee for temporary access to movies and TV...
22 Jul 2022

​The M247/DataPacket Problem With Mullvad VPN

This article acts as a sequel to my 2020 blog post; The German Problem with Tor. That blog post detailed how many Tor n...
19 Feb 2022

AYA NEO Pro is not the future of Handhold Gaming

You have tech channels like, for example; LinusTechTips, posting positive reviews of the AYA NEO Pro (2021). This is strange as reviews are meant to take more into account that just directly how good a product is.
08 Jan 2022

Enable Javascript to View This Image

Over the past-weeks, I have used the Tor browser more often for both regular browsing and researching subjects for upcoming blogs posts. As I was running Tor with the safest security setting, JavaScript is disabled.
02 Jan 2022

Don’t make the mistake of signing up for random websites

When I first used the internet regularly in 2006 (When I got a laptop), being a 10-year-old child, I did not understand how much of a bad idea it is to enter my email address on random websites.
04 Jul 2021

Building a website without becoming a ‘soydev’

You will always hear of large media companies crying about how piracy is killing their industry, even if the evidence for these claims are uncertain with some studies claiming small positive, small negative or near-no affect to sales of media, depending on the type of that media.

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