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Matthew’s Blog

Hello there,

The page you just entered is the index of “Matthew’s Blog”, aka my personal blog. Thankfully for you, I am not average the person who posts content for fame and attention. I post nothing here in expectations of any kind of “viewership”.

The content I post here goes in my personal thoughts and adventures. Sometimes that might take form as posts about my opinions about a random subject or what’s going on in my personal life or even about recent places I have explored. For that reason, there is no fixed schedule for new blog posts, just when I find something interesting to write about.

15 Mar 2023

8 More Years of British Censorship

Exactly 8 years ago, I wrote a blog post covering internet censorship within the UK. The context to that blog post was the UK government pushing through laws to censor file sharing websites for copyright infringement
14 Mar 2023

8 Years and Counting.

Today marks 8 years since posting my first blog post on this website. A bit of a celebration is in order, as I never expected this website to survive for so-long or have over 100 blog posts.
21 Feb 2023

Cyclists Are the Worst. A Perspective From a Pedestrian.

On the internet, you will see many cycling activists about being innocent travellers opposed by evil vehicle drivers, while some cyclists points about poor infrastructure are true (pedestrian is also complete shit).
03 Feb 2023

Migrated Web Hosts

Since September 2022, I had been using Terrahost. However, their parent company EPIK has been failing to pay out users' withdrawal requests on their 'Masterbucks' platform.
29 Jan 2023

To Write Shorter Blog posts

My last blog post The Lifestyle Creep's was extremely good at providing information about how people (often unknowingly) waste money on unnecessary stuff.
28 Jan 2023

The Lifestyle Creep's

In July 2022, Luke Smith wrote a blog post, encouraging people to work out the minimum amount of outgoing spending (or as he put it, “liabilities”) that they can get away with.
15 Jan 2023

A Rural Adventure Is the Best

On the internet, you will see many people exploring trendy urban cities (travel YouTube Channels) or abandoned and derelict post-industrial sites (Urbex). I think that has left the countryside to be underappreciated.
31 Dec 2022

For 2023

This blog post goes into my plans for in 2023. Including changes to design and an addition of many new section.
03 Mar 2022

My YouTube Journey Comes to an End (Next Few-Weeks)

I have several YouTube channels, none of which have seen any uploads in the past year. This is for a few reasons. The videos I made early on were unscripted and mainly were reaction and option related videos (yeah, that did not age well).
01 Jan 2022

Website plans for 2022 (part 1)

Today marks the start of a new year, a chance to start new things and reorganise existing projects. This website has been semi-neglected by me for the past 5-years, with me only posting a few new posts a year, since then. In terms of relevance this website is a “shell” of what it was back in 2016, when I would publish new content every few days or weeks.

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