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Hello there,

The page you just entered is the index of “Matthew’s Blog”, aka my personal blog. Thankfully for you, I am not average the person who posts content for fame and attention. I post nothing here in expectations of any kind of “viewership”.

The content I post here goes in my personal thoughts and adventures. Sometimes that might take form as posts about my opinions about a random subject or what’s going on in my personal life or even about recent places I have explored. For that reason, there is no fixed schedule for new blog posts, just when I find something interesting to write about.

Website plans for 2022 (part 1)

Today marks the start of a new year, a chance to start new things and reorganise existing projects. This website has been semi-neglected by me for the past 5-years, with me only posting a few new posts a year, since then. In terms of relevance, this website is a “shell” of what it was back in 2016, when I would publish new content every few days or weeks. That massive slow down in me posting new content, steams from me losing motivation to go though the effort to create content for a website whose user experience I was never happy with.

The 376 Spam Emails Deadline Hollywood Sent in Less than 2 Weeks

Over the last few weeks, I was chatting with other people on the Frantech matrix server about a dodgy anti-DDOS provider named; Bytefend. Strangely, the people on that matrix server who were about the dodgy goings on with Bytefend, including DDOS attacks against Frantech and others and their hosting of Doxbin, would become victims of a newsletter bombing campaign. Yes, many websites spread the misinformation that newsletter bombing is only used to hide online fraud.

A Starbucks 'Pumpkin Spice Latte' or plant 50 Trees?

Online, you will see many pro-environmental people who also enjoy Starbucks coffee. Those people will talk about how everyone needs to give up luxuries to save the planet. The biggest stereotype is that Starbucks customers love Pumpkin Spice Latte’s. A “coffee” drink that costs £4.25. A drink costing the equivalent of nearly 30 minutes of work at the UK “Living Wage” of £8.91 an hour. Such an expensive drink is a luxury.

#Teamtrees: A Wasted Opportunity

The environment and how to reduce the effects of CO2 is a hot-button topic. Some people believe that global warming is fake while the people who believe in it, take it to the other extreme. They will argue that we need “De-growth” and to setback living standards by fifty-years. The majority believe correctly that climate change is real. The difference is that they are looking to make many minor changes to reduce their carbon foot-print by a sizeable amount.

Scambaiting #1: Joining the Illuminati

Around a month ago, I received an email from someone claiming to be the “Official Illuminati” claiming to offer an opportunity to become a member of the Illuminati. To further sweeten the deal, the person also mentioned within the email that being a member of the Illuminati comes with a monthly salary of $500,000. The email asked that I contact the “Illuminati Brotherhood " over WhatsApp but as I did not feel like talking to scammers over the phone I just replied to the email that I don’t have WhatsApp.

The New Blog

For the past couple of weeks I have been unwell, with loads of headaches and tons of coughing up of mucus, but as I have started to get better I have come to revalue my network of websites. For, I have noticed as my “main” website it should be a showcase of the best of my ability but at the moment this website is a messy random blog.

20 years old today

Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction. So today is my 20th birthday and ten years since I got a laptop and explored more about the internet and creating online content, The amount I have learned over the last 10 years has been huge and I have become more politically involved mostly from seeing the labour party screwing up the country between 2005 to 2008.

Crying babies in shops

Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction. If there is a thing that fucking annoys me when I go shopping it is crying babies. The worst is when there are parents who ignore the crying of the baby, not only making shopping unconformable for the people shopping but also ignoring any needs the baby might have. But of course you also have parents who think fucking shouting and screaming at their babies will somehow stop them from crying.

EEVBlog world's worst soldering iron

Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction. So I was looking on eBay so the crappiest 240V stuff I could find, When I saw soldering irons for £1 from Malaysia (Not china as it cost £1.18) anyway I ordered it direct to Dave Jones as I know that he goes over the top when something is crap and the reaction Dave gave was one of the funniest ones I seen from EEVBlog.

ESA WRAG and the impending Trainwreck

Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction. With job centres at near breaking point the last thing they would want is more claimants on job seekers allowance but this is the big risk of reducing the WRAG component to nothing. You may ask why would this be this way and that would be a good question, It is because if someone is over 25 years old they will be no better off financially than they are on job seekers allowance and of-course job seekers applications are processed a lot faster than ESA ones and have a lot less stress involved as well.

Globalsign – Good news for SuperCo, Ltd Customers

Here is the first draft of the blog post: After having a chat over Skype with Joan Lockhart (GMO GlobalSign, Inc) about SuperCo, Ltd it seems that Customers of the SuperCo, Ltd scammers may not be completely out-of-pocket over the scam. It appears from the call the deal is that: All customers are eligible for a free certificate. Higher cost ones (e.g., wildcard certificates) are being offered a big discount or a free certificate.

My first post here

Notice: This article was archived from a previous project and has only gone through basic spelling and grammar correction. I have had this domain for nearly 6 months and have not done anything with it so here it is a website that is fully done to how i want it and with my ideas only. I love freedom of speech and will be writing about topics here over the coming years.

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