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Turing Bill Is A Useless Bill

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Some regressive websites are unhappy that the Turing Bill (By Scottish National Party) will not be passed with loads of people calling Sam Gyimah “homophobic” for filibustering the bill (Talking until time ran out so no vote could be had, yes our parliament system has some crazy rules) but they are forgetting one big thing and that is the United Kingdom already has an application system called “Disregarding convictions for decriminalised sexual offences” that allows people to apply to the home office for the conviction/convictions to be disregarded.

This means that we already have a system in place to deal with this issue. One issue Sam Gyimah had with the bill is that it could have unintended consequences:

From BBC News

He envisages a situation where someone who was found guilty of having sex with a minor receives a blanket pardon and then works in a school.”

And this is what the current system protects against by making people apply for individual cases to be reviewed, the person in charge of the case can make sure that nothing can be classed under another law before removing the conviction from records that would stop the person from working with vulnerable people.

My thoughts is that this bill was a feel good bill that wanted to bypass safeguards already in place and is an example of politicians wanting LGBT people to get a bypass not available to other people and could undermine the safety of vulnerable people when better solutions that protects the interests of all parties is already written into law.

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Published: 22nd of October 2016

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