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The Electoral Commission Anti-freespeech and Authoritarian

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Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction. I don’t support and never have, the parties mentioned in this article but will defend them from undemocratic processes.

The electoral commission is banning descriptions they find “offensive” as governments over time have given them more and more power to become more authoritarian but we will go over that later in the blog post.

Anyway, here is the letter that Liberty GB was sent by the electoral commission:

Some background:

So in order to save the feeling of the over sensitive the electoral commission as banned words they dislike, Yes an unelected commission have the right to say what is offensive and what is not meaning that the UK is not a democracy as the parties are not allowed to say what they want on the ballot by using vague terms to pretend they are not dictating what parties can stand for on the ballot itself.

And before you say that the Jo Cox murder changes anything, what about if i told you that the electoral commission has done before aka using the murder as an excuse?

Well, it has happened in March to a party called Britain first where they banned the party from using these terms:

Britain First – Keeping London British!

Britain First – Vote British!

Britain First – keeping London British!

Yes, the electoral commission is there keeping people from seeing ideals that hurt their feelings which shows the sad state of things when you allow political correctness to take over as to ban everything you don’t like it just shows that the people running the commission love to appease the easily offended.

What gives them the power to abuse:

You might ask what allows such authoritarian behaviour what about if I told you a vaguely written part of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (Yes a law passed by Labour but the conservatives won’t get rid of it as it gives them power over political parties) :

Section: 28A

From section 28A Part C: is obscene or offensive.

(2)Where a request is made by a party under this section in relation to a description, the Commission shall register the description as a description of the party unless it is of more than six words in length or in their opinion it—

Yes, it is really is that vague allowing the commission to call anything offensive aka if the commission wanted they could strong arm the party into saying what they want with no checks in place to stop them from abusing their power.

Going over the descriptions banned:

So we will go over the descriptions banned for being “offensive” by the electoral commission and adding what I think they mean:

This means electing MP’s that work for the people of the area instead of working just for a paycheck.

Western Civilization and British culture means things like people who think things like rape are wrong unlike some cultures, And free speech means being able to say what you like which The electoral commission has shown by its actions they do not support.

Halting immigration would allow for better checks to be added to the broader before reopening and would help reduce terrorism, though from those measures, Defending freedom means having a democracy.

So as you can see none of those things will offend anyone but the easier offended people like SJW, Feminists and the “politically correct”

Final Thoughts:

It is sad to see the government taking more and more control of what parties can and can’t say on the ballot paper and could lead to a slippery slope including unregistering parties they don’t agree,

It is sad to see the government taking more and more control of what parties can and can’t say on the ballot paper and could lead to a slippery slope including un-registering parties they don’t agree,

As a person who loves the idea of democracy I hate it when the government tries to dictate things to people and groups as that type of thing really spits in the face of the whole idea of a democracy when you can’t say what you really think.

The Electoral Commission was contacted for a response at 10am BST and we still have not got a response (15:15 BST)

Published: 29th of August 2016

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