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Teddybear87 False DMCA

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Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction.

So I was looking at /r/YouTube for people who have had false DMCA takedowns on their videos and saw this post (Archive).

The Victim of this false DMCA was Zombie Wars,

Screenshot of the YouTube copyright screen, showing video 'FNAF WORLD UPDATE 2 ENDING' being taken down by a manual copyright claim by Teddybear87.

So what do you think the defense that Teddybear87 gives?

Of course it is a bunch of fucking bullshit with no citations what so ever, so I Am going to go though one of the comments that Teddybear87 deleted on Reddit after the fucking backlash it generated:

“From Teddybear87: I have never been given a platform to defend myself.”

Yes, you fucking have a platform to defend yourself on including a YouTube channel with over 45,000 subscribers so don’t complain about not having a fucking platform.

“From Teddybear87: This guy has been stealing stuff for so long and the DMCA can be agreed to be wrong or not.”

Citation needed as I looked the zombiewarsmt’s channel and could not anything stolen from you.

“From Teddybear87: For him it is okay to steal thumbnails and all the other things he did and just apologize but if i do something wrong the whole community wants my head? “

Citation needed as I could not find a thumbnail that have been stolen (The closet is some lazy ones on the page)

“From Teddybear87: I will take down the copyright strike.”

You only took down the claim when you were called out on your bullshit.

“From Teddybear87: The actual reason why the strike is still up is because I used the wrong e-mail to remove it. I then went ahead and ignored zombie because I personally can’t stand him.”

Maybe you should not of giving him a strike in the first place as you brought it on yourself.

“From Teddybear87: For 3 weeks I haven’t heard anything of him until today where he once again pitchforked everyone against me.”

So you thought with things like #WTFU and #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain happening that it would be a good idea to file a false DMCA with a community who are already extremely pissed off?

“From Teddybear87: I was willing to cooperate and I was just putting up this fight because everyone is just pitchforking against me.”

Filing a false DMCA makes you a huge asshole who has done something that is in fact illegal.

“From Teddybear87: I STILL believe that I had every right to file that fair use but I am removing it because I don’t want to be any part of this childs playground anymore.”

Maybe don’t file false DMCA’s in the first place.

“From Teddybear87: The FNAF Community has once again proven that they are a bunch of 13 years old that do not think about this from a logical standpoint and rather bash me like a bunch of girls on period.”

Once you file a false DMCA, people will lose all respect for you as you are trying to censor people.

“From Teddybear87: Fact is that he once again brought up this drama. I am so utterly dissapointed by each and every single one of you.”

A lot of the people who commented on the thread where from threads I posted about it so fuck off.

“From Teddybear87: Funny fact: I got banned for “drama” on the official subreddit of FNAF while ZombiewarsSMT has once again caused drama and he doesn’t even get a warning.”

Maybe stop filing false DMCA’s or you will get even more drama.

“From Teddybear87: This drama is over for me, I hope Zombie finally stops causing MORE.”

You caused the drama by filing a false DMCA so to stop more drama, stop abusing the DMCA.


Final Thoughts:

False DMCA will end badly for the people who file them, and people will always hate you for trying to censor theme.

Published: 3rd of June 2016

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