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Important notice:

Due to how the kickstarter is written (Written like an endorsement) it is importent to say that Tyler Clementi Foundation does not endorse and also Tyler Clementi Foundation does not have any connections with

Statement from Tyler Clementi Foundation(Via email): “Tyler Clementi Foundation doesn’t endorse particular apps or tech solutions to online harassment. We do want to end online and offline bullying and humiliation. There are many people trying to figure out what will work and until there is evidence, we don’t formally take positions on apps.”

Update 1: It is now 0:01am BST and we have not had a reply from SocialAutopsy yet (Contacted through kickstarter about 8 hours ago). Update 2: 0:04 am changed a few lines for more accurate information.

So a new website that claims to “Wave Goodbye to Cyberbullies and Trolls” it getting alot of traction due to the issue that it could be a doxing tool for SJW’s.

So in this blog I will be going though the all information that I can find about this website and debunking so false facts (other organizations involvement) as well.

From the kickstarter: “Somewhere between cells phones and technology (and the extinction of the VHS tape maybe) we’ve managed to create a culture of online-bullying, which was totally cool never, so it’s time we put an end to it once and for all. “

My Response:

Two stick figures. On left respersenting text reads, lets dox people we do not like as that will stop bullying. On right respersenting text reads, That just sounds like it will encourage bullying and stalking by SJWs.

From the kickstarter “There have been so many amazing organizations before us who have made (and continue to make) significant strides and efforts to not only create awareness, but to push through to legislation to affect change. But we thought, “instead of trying to stop it, why don’t we try to capture it?”

The issue is that the information can be used by a stalker or by a person or group that might want to bring harm to the person listed aka call of duty rivals or SJWs as they hate losing an argument and lose their temper so could end up beating up the person listed or even killing them.

From the kickstarter “Because what’s the number one defense people use when they are making awful, nasty comments online? “I’m exercising my first amendment rights” Can’t argue that one, so let’s instead help them magnify those freedoms. Let’s launch a database where we capture them exercising those rights and create digital records for them that anyone can access. Yup. We consider ourselves to be patriots. “

Google definition for patriot. a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

You could of used your freedom of speech to argue with them but you want to blacklist them, But the big issue here is that you say your a patriot so how is this vigorously supporting your country by listing people?

From the kickstarter “Thus far we have worked to collect data and create about 22,000 profiles from individuals that are surprising all over the employment spectrum (doctors, teachers, lawyers, you name it).”

So you are not just been giving the information you also collecting it yourself? This would not go well for you in court if your information leads to someone getting harmed.

From the kickstarter “With your backing, we can take a break and go shopping, because we are women and that would be fun for us. Just kidding.”

Making jokes in your kickstarter does not give you a very professional image as it would make people think you do not care about the project.

From the kickstarter “With your backing, we can expand our team of web analysts in order to create profiles at a faster rate, as our goal is to launch the database at 150,000 profiles.”

That would make you personally responsible if someone gets harms because of what you posted, By doing it this way you would end up striping away your legal protections as a website.

From the kickstarter “We will immediately apply your funding to hiring a team of paid interns for the summer, and our continuing web development.”

So people would be willing to work for you for very little money and would be alright with helping you dox people?

From the kickstarter “We will devote all remaining funds toward our legal team, which we are going to need intact when we bring this site live.”

You do know that lawyers can not make up new laws?

Even the big companies lose sometimes even with the best legal team, So how are you with your website that posts personal unverified information on people going to have a chance?

the kickstarter shows a photo of Taylor’s Swift Squad-Deep From the kickstarter “Okay. That was a bit of dishonest marketing on our part. We do not know Taylor Swift, nor do we know Cara Delevigne, or for what reason exactly she is waving an English flag in this photo. In fact they will likely fire off a cease and desist letter to us for sourcing that image irresponsibly– which we hope reinforces our earlier point about legal necessity. “

  1. This is kickstarter not tumblr so you are meant to be professional.
  2. So you are admitting that you have no fair use case at all for the photo?
  3. By fire off cease and desist letters you mean like the people who are listed on your website are going to do?

From the kickstarter “We have worked to build and bridge with an impactful network. Most notably, we are proud partners and friends of the Tyler Clementi Foundation and their Day1 campaign. We encourage you all to check out their work and website. As well as a list of their organization’s initiatives, which align fully with our own. “

My reply to this is covered at the top of the page.

From the kickstarter “Our Founder, Candace Owens has been selected to give a TEDx talk on June 4th, 2016 about the perils of this era of technology, and all that we are doing to combat it.. The talk will be webcast live on the Ted.Com website, and it is slated to be the most important talk of our century, according to her mother. You will not want to miss it.”

Important talks would go on main TED not TEDX.

From the kickstarter “Risks and challenges

We have secured a provisional patent for our technology.”

definition of a provisional patent application on, to show that no patent had yet been granted.

Provisional patent means you have not even filed the patent and i’m pretty sure doxxing was not invented by you.

And yes the info is doxable.

censored screenshot to show the information provided by SocialAutopsy can be used for doxing.

I managed to find 2 social media profiles on one person from the information on the website. And i could not even find a #MileyCyrus post from them at all, meaning that this could be spreading lies about this person who is innocent.

It looks like Kickstarter has supended funding for

Text reads; Funding suspended. Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 11 minutes ago.

Published: 15th of April 2016

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