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So I have been looking at the Social Autopsy FAQ makes me want to face-palm as it sounds like a FAQ from a place like Doxbin.

From the FAQ: “What is a digital footprint? Users submit a screenshot of a person’s hate-fueled social media post, which is then used to create a profile that includes their full name, place of employment, city of residence and schools.”

Apart from the fucking fact that the information submitted to the website can be completely fake aka it would be easy to frame someone for they something have never fucking done.

From the FAQ: “How do you discover users real names? Screenshots are submitted anonymously by online friends of that user. Their “friends” of course, know their full names and details.”

I think that this is what would happen in reality:

A four panel comic. First panel has a SJW looking at a screen that reads 'All Lives Matters', responding with No, White lives don't matter let's ruin his life.  Second panel reads, Use page inspector to fake a tweet by editing text on the local side then take a screenshot of the fake tweet. theoretical example shown is someone changing the text 'All lives matters' to '#Kill All Jews. The third shows atheoretical listing of a 'John Doe' who works at Oxford First School showing a screenshot claiming that person used the hashtag #KillAllJews using. The text below that reads; Profile So the person can lose they job for a fake tweet. The fourth panel reads, And the SJW sucseed in getting the person they disagreed with fired or even worse hurt in some way.

From the FAQ: “How do I know if I have been added to this database? Check back when we’ve fully launched to search by name or employer.”

Or just use Google like people have already. A better explanation would be how would socialautopsy deal with cease and desist letters for people who they have unauthorised information on

From the FAQ: “How do you prevent people from using this information to harm others? We do not allow any commenting on our database, and we have disabled the ability to search our database by keywords (e.g homophobia, racism, etc). In other words, you would have to know the individual by first and last name in order to discover them.”

The hashtags can be used to target people and at the current time you can still see all the records by a simple Google search for

A Google search result for, showing a number of profiles being publiclly available.

From the FAQ: “Do these profiles last forever? Subject to change, each profile that is created remains public for 1 year. It is our hope that in that time frame, the user will consider carefully what they share. “

Publicly outing on poor or even fake evidence would cause someone alot of harm for something they never did, So what are you saying is that the dox will stay up for at least a year no matter how trueful it is?

From the FAQ: “Are all submissions accepted? Absolutely not. Each and every submission goes through a process in which our team determines whether or not the user is just expressing an opinion or exercising harmful speech. There is a big difference between “F*** ** the Patriots. Go Giants! ” and “I hope Tom Brady dies, and his wife is raped”. We all know the difference.”**

But this would make you the judge and jury of what is hate speech meaning that your personal ideals will get in the way to the choices you make, Welcome to 1984 enjoy your stay.

From the FAQ: “When will we be able to search the database? Our database will launch automatically when we get to 100,000 profiles. Enter your e-mail on our homepage to receive an e-mail notification when we’ve launched. Until then, help us stop online hate by submitting profiles and helping us build our database. “

100,000 profiles is going to cause a lot of problems as people will not like having they names in a huge database leading to alot of cease and desist letters that will lead to the webhost (Currently Godaddy) will cut the website off due to the legal time the website will cause for the webhost and that does not include people who will directly file lawsuits against the company,

Pretty much this is going to end badly for everyone behind the website.

Published: 16th of April 2016

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