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To Write Shorter Blog posts

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My last blog post (The Lifestyle Creep's) was extremely good at providing information about how people (often unknowingly) waste money on unnecessary stuff. However, at 1,000 words, the article is too long.

The problem is sometimes it is hard to shorten sentences without losing information. Though, I think I will use more bullet-points going forward. Allowing for multiple points to be raised without having to “glue” them together.

That would equal a clearer way of putting the points of a blog post to people.


My motivations to want shorter blog posts comes from a couple of factors. Both personal and semi-political related reasons. Including;

1. Longer posts take ages to write and edit. Often on topics that can be expressed in fewer words.

2. Shorter posts will allow me to get my points across more easily without causing confusion from a “padded” word count.

3. I don’t want to contribute to the death of search engines by making any content that has any similarities to the SEO crap out there.

4. I want my personal to be “Autism friendly”. That requires shorter simpler sentences and a sensory friendly website design.

For years, I had a “Skyscraper Article” tips poster on my wall, from a SEO tips website. One tip I remember, that an article needed (at-least) 1,000 words to rank well on Google. Something denied by Google but noticed by noticed by every SEO company.

Nowadays, I don’t care about how well I rank on Google. Search engines are becoming irrelevant as artificial intelligence takes over the results. Thus the “Dead Internet Theory” becomes true.

I now care about making informing people with interesting blog posts. I care little about audience size. I will not “optimize” my content to make it more attractive for a larger audience.

Published: 29th of January 2023

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