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Scotland Please Leave The United Kingdom Already

Published: 20th of October 2016


Notice: This article was archived and has only gone through basic grammar correction.

Scotland keeps threatening to leave the United Kingdom, Yes that Scotland who is a drain on the financials of the United Kingdom with its 9.5% deficit compared to the 4% deficit for the whole of the United Kingdom meaning that Scotland is dragging the UK into more debt so without Scotland the UK can lower its deficit without cutting spending. (Citation)

Let’s do some maths on how much the rest of the UK will gain from getting rid of Scotland.

Scotland has a population of 5.422M (Citation) Compared with 65.348M for UK as a whole, including Scotland (Citation, Link Dead) or 8.297% of the UK population.

Scottish deficit at £14.3bn compared to £75.3bn for whole of UK or 18.99% of the UK as a whole (Citation).

Scottish deficit at UK average would be £6.247bn (8.297% of £75.3bn).

Without Scotland, the rest of the UK would be £8.052bn better off per year.

So the faster Scotland leaves the UK, the better off everyone else is.

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