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Rightscorp want to become judge jury and executioner

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So today we will talk about the absolute scum of the earth called Rightscorp and they want people disconnected from the internet with no due process which of course is what the big companies love being able to do is to screw over people just because they want to.

In this blog post we will break down the letter sent to RCN Corporation:

Rightscorp is requesting an in person meeting to idenify next steps on how we can work together to reduce the infringement of our clients' copyrights on your network.

Or what you really mean is that you want the ISP to breach the privacy of its users.

Rightscorp has closed more than 150,000 cases of copyright infringement on more than 200 ISPs.

Or what you really mean is that you got people to pay by sending a letter knowing that most people get scared even if they have done nothing wrong what so ever as people fear the cost of going to court as it is unaffordable for most people to take on big companies as big companies are known to drag cases out until the person runs out of money to defend themselves.

Rightscorp has a proven solution that has reduced repeat copyright infringers on ISPs that work with us. We see 374% less repeat infringement on ISPs that work with us verus ISPs that do not work with 'us'

By work with you it appears you want them to do whatever you want with no rights for the consumer to be treated fairly as that will reduce profits of big media companies that already make billions of pounds per year and I have no sympathy for the scums that run big media companies as they keep wanting to do things with no fucking due process,

And those numbers are based on notices and as they have not proven it in court that all the notices are true, that means you pulling the numbers out of your ass,

All someone has to do to claim to reduce piracy is to send false notices to a website and tell them to work with you or you will try to get them kicked off their web host and bamm you can claim to have reduced piracy even if the notices where false.

We are tracking 24,449 RCN subscribers who are repeatedly illegally distibutung our client's movies, TV shows and music. Many of these RCN subscribers have been doing so for more than two years, even though we have sent you over a million notices.

If you are sure people are illegally sharing your content, then take them to court otherwise you have no point whatsoever.

We propose the following program. In the first quarter of the program, RCN would temporarily suspend service to appoximately 10% of the repeat infringer subscriber accounts identifies by Rightscorp, In this case, a repeat infringer shall be any account that has been sent three or more notices over three or more days.

Did I really read that right? You want to be fucking able to shut down people’s access to the internet with just allegations,

Imagine if someone accused you of a crime instead of being able to defend yourself you automatically got punished just like North Korea.


Final Thoughts:

Rightscorp can piss off with they fucking idea of instead of innocent until proven guilty, you get guilty until proven innocent just like a fucking dictatorship.

Link to PDF (Torrentfreak)

Published: 28th of June 2016

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