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Reverse Racism And Creative Access

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So what happens when people want equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity?

You get organisations that only give opportunities to certain groups, meaning people outside that group do not get the same opportunities as the people in that group.

This is the idea of solving an issue by discriminating towards a majority group.

Today’s topic will be about a company that only gives opportunities if you are non whites.

Creative Access has this on their website:

“Creative Access is looking for talented young people from Black, Asian and non-white minority ethnic backgrounds to fill paid internship places at many of the UK’s top media organisations.”

The issue with this is that it says that creative access is disallowing people to apply for paid internship just because of their skin color,

If it said this: “looking for talented young people from White, Australian and non-black minority ethnic backgrounds to fill paid internship places at many of the UK’s top media organisations.”,

People would call it out for being racist, but because it is against white people than people think it is empowering and miss the obvious racism.

No matter the race of the person, it is still racist to discriminate against them just because of their race.

From Oxford dictionary: “A person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another”.

No where does it say any difference because of skin color.

Here Michael Foster tried to justify this racism:

“And clearly, if only 2% of the media workforce are BME, when the BME population is 14%, they are under-represented”.

My thought on this is that people in this country have equal opportunity to get the internships through normal channels, but creative access takes away opportunities based on skin colour.

This means that people could get a job that we’re not the best qualified to do so.


Final Thoughts:

Racism can be done to the advantage or disadvantage of any group and it should be called out no matter the race of the racist as any type of racism causes issues for the opposite group.

Published: 11th of May 2016

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