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Criticize blacklivesmatter and get racism back

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So I was talking on twitter about some issues caused by black lives matter and said that all lives matter movement would be a lot better than police violence affects all races, not just one.

So what do you think the response is?

Do you think they try to come up with an argument or do you think they just reply with racism?

A twitter conversation. First post is a retweet of a post I made to @YOURERACIST all lives matters = not race related, black lives matters = race related. making it about race diverts resources unfairly. In the retweet Kayla responded; shut up no lipped nathan your people arent getting killed for their fuckingg skin colour are you fucking dumb. I responded with a BBC link, Kayla responded to that with; 'i dont give a fuck about your stupid news article, stop trying to be oppressed. youre WHITE. know you place cracker'

Of Course this person called Kayla (@pcyskayla) decided instead of making a good argument he would just try racism but I will go over his tweet and discuss why it is racist.

Google definition of racism.

What you are showing is a prejudice towards white people thinking that bad things can’t happen to white people just based on skin colour,

And that makes you racist as you are suggesting me and any other white person is worth-less just because of skin color.

Imaging if someone used an argument that used the phase “Your Black” or “Your Yellow” then they would be outrage with the left wing press calling it racist, but because he is being racist to white people, then it suddenly it does not matter.

Calling a white person a cracker is the same as calling a black person a nigger and in the context of your tweet it is prejudice towards white people.


Final thoughts:

The reason I support the term #alllivesmatter over #blacklivesmatter is because I want to have all races of people not killed when unarmed by US police not just black people and doing it based just one race just creates segregation and leads to dicks like this person who thinks that it is ok suddenly to be racist to someone just because they are part of the outgroup.

If someone did #whitelivesmatter people would call them racist but #blacklivesmatter is praised by media even tho, it is just as bad and that exposes the hypocrisy of the mainstream media.

People like kayla aka pcyskayla make the world a much worse place and just create more problems for race relations.

@pcyskayla Tweet (Archive 1) (Archive 2) (Archive 3)

Published: 10th of July 2016

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