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Parents Should Not Kids Unless They Can Afford Them

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Welsh Labour is planning to give parents 30 hours of free child care per week (Up to 46 week per year) that will cost between £48m to £200m per year (Based on costs of £5 per hour per child).

One question: why do parents have kids if they can not afford them as you are relining on a local authority to not cut hours when the conservatives cut funding to them.

This needing of other people to care for your kids means that you are not prepared to look after them yourself as you have not got to the point on the career ladder where you have the spare time or have a parent to stay at home as without that your kids have very little time with you at a time where your kids learn social contact and need you to form the future relation between you and your child.

The downfall of stay at home wives means that your kids know their parents less and less and this will lead to them having less respect for the parents as they get older.

Published: 19th of October 2016

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