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I was looking at a video by TheHealthRanger aka that unsurprisingly provides zero citations so I’m going to do the research and debunk all of his points.

As he has put all of his points in the description, I will be directly replying to them:

Two lines of Text reading. Line 1; SCIENCE LIE #1: Weed killer is safe to eat. Line 2; TRUTH; Glyphosate weed killer causes cancer, infertility, kidney damage and birth defects. And it's found in instant oatmeal!

Glyphosate is safe at a limit of 0.5 mg/kg body weight per day so as long as the food is within limits then it is safe.

Two lines of Text reading. Line 1; SCIENCE LIE #2: statin drugs are good for you. Line 2; TRUTH: Statins destroy brain function and cause dementia and memory loss. They also cause muscle fatigue and crippling weakness.

So it helps 1 in 50 people but only 1 in 10,000 will experience potentially dangerous side effects,

And Statins are only meant for cases where things like healthier diet or exercising are unlikely to help with bad cholesterol.

So this advice by could end up fucking killing someone.

Two lines of Text reading. Line 1; SCIENCE LIE #3: Food and nutrients cannot treat, cure or prevent any disease. Line 2; TRUTH: Many foods contain powerful anti-cancer medicines that can destroy tumors far better than chemotherapy. Try turmeric!

Just a few things like turmeric is not a catchall and only works on limited types of cancer cells, (Mostly related to breast cancer),

While Chemotherapy is more of a treatment that works on pretty much all cancers and it meant to be used in conjunction with other medications.

Foods appears to only help with preventing cancer and not solving it (Got to love doing the legwork as some people did not put any citations).

Two lines of Text reading. Line 1; SCIENCE LIE #4: Biosolids are 'organic fertilizers' that are safe to use on home gardens. Line 2; TRUTH: Biosolids are actually recycled human sewage and industrial waste from cities. They're extreamly toxic and loaded with heavy metals, industrial chemicals and preceription drugs.

Biosolids also called sewage sludge as he brought up multiple points I will go over them one at a time:

  1. Human and industrial waste is filtered and cleaned before used to ensure it is safe to use aka it does not matter where it comes from as long as it safe and everything contains small amounts of things you do not want.

  2. Below is a chart that goes through the amounts of metals in biosolids:

Table from above link.

As you can see, the amount of metals are not of a concern and what has said is scare mongering with no fucking citations at all.

In fact, biosolids need to be pretty clean before they can be used on crops:

Table from above link, showing requirments for trated biosolids.

So over 99% of pathogens have to be killed before it is even put on as compost, not counting how little of this will end up in your food.

So as long as you wash the vegetables before use, then you will be fine.

Two lines of Text reading. Line 1; SCIENCE LIE #5: When it comes to cancer, early detection saves lives. Line 2; TRUTH: Early detection actually destroys lives with unnecessary 'treatment' for cancers that weren't real or didn't post any threat to the patient. More people are killed by cancer treatments than by cancer!

Are you trying to fucking kill someone?

From Cancer Research UK:

Chart showing far-better survival rates for Breast, Ovarian and Lung cancer with early diagnosis.

So in fact your advice is dangerous to people and could fucking kill them.

Do you have any evidence for your point of view?

Two lines of Text reading. Line 1; SCIENCE LIE #6: GMOs have been proven safe by rigorous science. Line 2; TRUTH: All the so-called 'science' is false science fabricated by the biotech industry that profits from selling GMO seeds. Scientists who oppose Big Biotech are threatened into silence.

Straight from the mouth of the world health organization:

Highlighted text from WHO; 'GM foods currently available on the international market has passed safety assessments and are not likely to present risks for human health.

Aka a lot more fucking monitoring then goes through so-called natural food.

You don’t get the bullshit when people crossbreed plants.

Two lines of Text reading. Line 1; SCIENCE LIE #6: Mercury has been removed from all vaccines. Line 2; TRUTH: Mercury, a toxic heavy metal, is still used in flu shots given to children, All vaccines preserved with 'Thimerosal' contain mercury. Mercury is toxic at ANY dose!

For time reasons I will link you to another WHO article on this subject:

Highlighted text from WHO; 'On the basis of the foregoing, the GAGVS concluded that the most recent pharmacokinetic and developmental studies do not support concerns over the safety of thiomersal (ethyl mercury) in vaccines.'

As this shows they is no concerns over the safety in the dose giving in vaccines at this time, it means thehealthranger is wrong,

In fact, the only limit I Can find is for mercury vapour at 0.01 mg/m3.

max-width:90%; alt=

The snopes article has a few interesting lines in it:

Having a valid birth certificate allows an experiment with less chance of mistakes.

He also used the Pearson’s chi-squared test that makes assumptions.

If you want more details about DR. William Thompson and the reasons he was wrong click here.

On the subject of MMR is that vaccines do not cause autism as witnessed in many studies.

Two lines of Text reading. Line 1; SCIENCE LIE #9: Rasing CO2 levels will destroy the planet .Line 2; TRUTH: CO2 is food for plants! Rising CO2 actually 'greens' the planet and accelerates reforestation, plant growth and food crop production.

This is what I found when I looked at plant growth:

Highlighted text from Stanford; 'researchers concluded that elevated atmospheric CO2 actually reduces plant growth when combined with other likely consequences of climate change'

CO2 reduces plant growth and CO2 heat’s the planet as it reflects heat back meaning some areas get dryer and causes draughts meaning fewer crops.

Two lines of Text reading. Line 1; SCIENCE LIE #10: Prescription drugs treat disease .Line 2; TRUTH: Drugs only mask disease symptoms while interfearing with human physiology to cause toxicity and side effects. They never 'treat' the cause of disease.

Took me less than a minute to find things that treat diseases so you are fucking wrong. (And unlike you, I provide citations).

Two lines of Text reading. Line 1; SCIENCE LIE #11: Unborn babies are just 'tissue' and are not really humans.Line 2; TRUTH: Unborn babies are alive and conscious. They can feel pain, experience joy and are aware of what's happening to them.

Abortions usually happen before 24 weeks old and the baby is not fully developed before that point.

Two lines of Text reading. Line 1; SCIENCE LIE #12: Vaccines halt the spread of disease .Line 2; TRUTH: Nearly all outbreaks of measles and mumps occur among children who were already 100% vaccinated!

You are fucking completely wrong as proven here for Measles and here for Mumps.

And on effectiveness of vaccines.

Measles (MMR) vaccine: 90% single dose and 99% two doses

Mumps (MMR) vaccine: 78% single dose and 88% two doses


Final thoughts:

Bullshit merchants have issues with using citations and try to call people who prove them wrong and sell-outs.

Please get your information from a reliable source or you could risk your life or even the life of other people around you.

Published: 15th of May 2016

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