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No To Fat Acceptance

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Fat acceptance movement that says that being unhealthy should be accepted no matter the health risks or the costs to the NHS,

The members of this movement instead of doing simple things like exercise or eating less, they just say that the public should just accept the way they are.

So in saying why fat acceptance is an awful thing for society, I will go over each of the major reasons to give you a better picture:

  1. Obesity costs a lot of money:

According to the telegraph obesity costs the country nearly £47bn a year in total or about 3% of GDP while the cost of armed violence, war and terrorism was a slightly smaller £43bn (Citation 1) that is money that could be better spent on funding the NHS or to reduce our national debt but of course these people who campaign for fatness to be accepted don’t care about the financial damage they movement is doing to the country.

  1. Obesity lowers life expectancy:

Being obese lowers life expectancy from 3 years to 10 years on average (Citation 2) meaning that the people who celebrate fatness are contributing to people’s deaths which is nothing to celebrate about at all.

  1. Obesity causes lots of health problems:

Another big issue the fat acceptance movement does not cover is the health problems that obesity causes to the person themselves this includes,

My thoughts on this:

The fat acceptance movement that promotes denial on how fatness affects everyone one else with less money for the country to spend on treating people who did not cause they own illness because someone wanted to eat burgers all day long than expect the NHS to cover the costs of they own actions,

This is an extremely dangerous thing to promote and more people should call out the bullshit this is, but many people fear the lefts favorite trick called the ad hominem attack.

The ad hominem used here is fatism aka another “ism” to silence political discourse as the far left dislike disagreement as it spoils the echo chamber they are trying to make for themselves.

Hopefully, I have informed you and would love to see feedback on my work.

Published: 3rd of August 2016

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