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My YouTube Journey Comes to an End (Next Few-Weeks)

Published: 3rd of March 2022


I have several YouTube channels, none of which have seen any uploads in the past year. This is for a few reasons. The videos I made early on were unscripted and mainly were reaction and option related videos (yeah, that did not age well).

More recently, I had been creating more scripted videos. However, these videos always took a long amount of time to create (Most of that time spent by me attempting to record audio as I struggle to read a script and talk at the same time). Time that led to less pay-off in views and subscribers, than the more-lazy content I used to post.

That basically left two choices (if I wanted to keep making videos on YouTube). Either make opinion videos or grind out more scripted videos. Neither of which I am willing to do. Not to help a big-tech company, anyway.

As such, I have no plans to make any more scripted videos, and any random videos I may make in the future will be hosted on this website. However, that leaves the question of what to do with the videos I uploaded to YouTube in the past.

As, I wanted to reorganise my uploaded videos for a long time and no longer want to support the evil that Google has become. I plan on downloading all my old videos from YouTube and re-uploading the ones I see as being of a “high-quality” to this website.

Don’t worry too much about archival related matters, as I will be keeping a copy of all the video’s. So, they won’t become some sort of “lost media”.

You will see the first videos disappear from the YouTube channels and reappear on this website in the upcoming days.

Matthew Morgan

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