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Music industry being selfish twats

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The music is industry is full of millionaires who cry because they can not get more money when the average person makes less in their lifetimes than what many people in the music yesterday make every fucking year.


What they want it to be able to file a takedown notice and have file content go down (This means if one person does not appeal then no one can share the same content aka no fair use).


Let’s go over this document and give our reaction to it:

As songwriters and artists who are a vital contributing force to the U.S. and to American exports around the world, we are writing to express our concern about the ability of the next generation of creators to earn a living. The existing laws threaten the continued viability of songwriters to recording artists to survive from the creation of music. Aspiring creators shouldn't have to decide between making music and making a living. Please protect them.

Looking at the artists/bands who signed this letter,

The average net worth of the artists/bands was over $80M (The ones with publicly available net worth).

Compare that with the average of $301k in the united states meaning your artists and bands have nothing to complain about what so ever and are just a bunch of greedy wankers who want to fuck up smaller creators by getting powers that will allow you to shut them down by filing false a DMCA as with a notice and takedown the smaller artists has zero comeback meaning that this is bad for computation not like you care about that.

One of the biggest problems confronting songwriters and recording artists today is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This law was written and passed in an era that is techologically out-of-date compared to the era in which we live. It has allowed major tech companies to grow and generate huge profits by creating ease of use for consumers to carry almost every recorded song in history in their pocket via a smartphone, while songwriters' and artists' earning continue to diminish. Music consumption had skyrocketed, but the monies earned by individual writers and artists for that consumption has plummeted.

You mean those artists who get a fuck ton of more in fact more than they could spend if they did not waste money like most millionaires do and lost earnings are because of you not moving with the time and in fact companies like Google are the fucking reason why your notices get anything taken down, because if making content becomes too hard people will move to platforms that do not respect US law at all meaning your notices will be ignored,

So instead of whining, maybe move with the times and people will respect you a lot more than at the moment the average person does not care about you getting paid.

The DMCA simply doesn't work. It's impossible for tens of thousands of individual songwriters and artists to muster the resources necessary to comply with its applications. The tech companies who benefit from the DMCA today were not the intended protectorate when it was signed into law nearly two decades ago. We ask you to enact sensible reform that balances the intrests of creators with the intrests of the companies who exploit music for their financial enrichment. It's only then that consumers will truly benefit.

Making a song does not need a lot of resources in fact it can be done for less than £200 for decent audio quality,:

And stop crying about the DMCA protection more than just big fucking corporations.

The companies already have too much power and it is not consumers who benefit from this, it is just the big corporations who benefit.


Final image to represent my respect for the music industry:

Me, sitcking up my middle fingle.

Published: 22nd of June 2016

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